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Paddle boarding on the River Teign

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

The perfect way to unwind after a days work is to pump up that board and go for an evenings SUP on the River Teign. You may even get treated to a sunset like this - WOW!

Some of my favourite spots to launch the boards from are The Back Beach - Teignmouth, Polly Steps - Teignmouth, Shaldon (if you can find parking) But my fav has to be The Coombe Cellars, nothing better than enjoying a nice paddle, then after sitting outside and having a nice cold drink and maybe even a bite to eat!

The photo below we launched from Polly Steps (chargeable car park during the day, free after 6)

Don't be fooled by the serene calm waters pictured below, the tides were very strong as the tide was on its way back out to sea. It was quite the work out! Always check the tides!

Essential pack list -

Dry bag

Spare change of clothes - in case you fall in

Waterproof phone case - good to have your phone on you for emergencies. (and photos)

Water (thirsty work)

Wetsuit shoes - for those colder months

Gloves & Hat - for those colder months

Travel micro fiber towel

Bikini - for those warmer months!

Food (if you plan on being out for a long time)

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