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South West Coast Path, Labrador Bay - Shaldon/Teignmouth

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

No matter which section of the SWCP you do you'll be impressed I'm sure of it!

If you are looking for an easy hours walking but want to take in some stunning sights along the way then this is the walk for you!

If you only want to walk it in one direction then you'll have to leave a car in either Shaldon or Teignmouth and then drive the other car to park in Labrador Bay so it does take a bit of logistics to plan this one. (chargeable car park, cheap though!) If you leave your car in Teignmouth you can tie the walk in with a nice ferry ride as well!

Its a little hilly but not too bad, worth it though when you get views like this over looking the ness beach in Shaldon and seeing as far as Exmouth! Its also quite the spectacle at the moment with all the impressive cruise ships just off the coast!

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