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Mocoast - Outdoor Experience - Shaldon

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is currently one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, so it seems only fitting that one of the best paddle boarding locations in the U.K. has a new fantastic company like Mocoast! Mocoast is an outdoor experience company in Shaldon, Devon. Location - Ness car park (behind Ode Café) - Chargeable car park (free after 6pm and before 9am)

On Friday morning I was lucky enough to join Mocoast on their sunrise paddle boarding trip. We met in The Ness carpark at 6:30am, where we were given our boards buoyancy aids, dry bags etc... and given a quick briefing.

We walked our boards down smugglers tunnel onto The Ness Beach.

A little history behind The Ness Beach -

The Ness beach is known to have been used by smugglers in the past. Some think that the tunnel used to access the beach today was built by them, hence it's name Smugglers Tunnel, however another rumour is that it was actually created by the owners of nearby Ness House in the 1800's so that they could access the beach.

We were on the water by 7am and off we went on our magical morning adventure. We couldn't have asked for better conditions. The water was like a mirror and SO clear! The way the sun glistened on the water was just stunning.

The guys that took us out, Dom and George were super friendly and chilled, made us feel really comfortable. They were really patient and gave extra tips ands tricks to people that needed a little extra guidance as there was a varied level of experience within the group.

Early in the morning the water is often glassy with minimal wind and this is exactly what we got! I will be honest in saying I am normally not a morning person and do have to drag myself out of bed but when you get blessed with a morning like this it makes it all worth it! THE perfect way to start the day.

I was jealous come the end as I was heading off to work straight after and would have loved nothing more than to jump in and take a refreshing dip like most people on the trip decided to do!

They freestyle the Paddle Plans depending on tide and paddle ability.

This is a relaxed guided lesson which places more importance on the wellness of being on the water whilst others are sleeping.

They provide; - Paddleboards - Buoyancy Aid - Drybags for your phone (if you wish) - Wetsuit (let them know your size in advance) - Paddle Boarding tips to get you on the water and taking it in! (If you need it )

THE most beautiful way to start your day.

To have a look at all of their trips and to book yours now, head to their website!

Linked at the top and the bottom of this blog post!

You wont regret it!

Thank you, for having me Mocoast!

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