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The majestic Dartmoor ponies

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

One of my favorite things to do is go and visit the Dartmoor Ponies.

Haytor is stunning and very impressive to visit but I much prefer to go to the lesser known tors as they are always quieter.

I visited Saddle Tor last week (just beyond Haytor) - Immediately I came across these beautiful creatures! Some of them can be very tame and enjoy the attention and others not so much. It is never a good idea to approach them with the assumption they want to be touched. I tend to sit down near them and I'll let them judge me. Luckily on this occasion the cute little tan coloured one (photographed below) loved the cuddles and wanted so much attention from me. I have had some special moments over the years with these gorgeous ponies.

Please do understand though they are wild animals, this is their home and we are the visitors so treat them with respect.

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