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Dreamy Tidal Pool - Porthtowan, Cornwall.

A little while ago I visited a friend of mine in Cornwall and asked the wonderful world of Instagram for some recommendations of good tidal pools to visit in the area. A clear favourite for many people was Porthtowan. When I arrived there I could see why this one was recommended multiple times, WOW!

Porthtowan is located on the North Coast of Cornwall south of Perranporth.

The beach is popular with surfers as this beach as its one of the more exposed beaches on this coastline producing powerful waves, its probably not ideal for beginners. Please be careful!

The tidal pool is rather tucked away and could be hard to locate. As you walk on to the beach hug the cliffs on your right and you will see the pool hidden under the cliffs. The pool is also accessible by some very precarious steps down the cliff, although I do not recommend this as they are very dangerous. To the best of my knowledge the pool was built by Joseph Rich early 1900's.

The stunning crystal clear turquoise water makes this place an absolute dreamland! I was like a kid in a candy store when I discovered it for the first time. Even on a cloudy day it was magical. I would like to go when the sky is blue and the sun is shining, although I did like the fact we had the pool to ourselves. I can imagine that it can get very busy on a beautiful summers day!

This beach had a very local vibe to it and seems like it still had its original charm, not too built up and un spoilt. I hope it stays this way! There are bins located here so please take all of your rubbish with you and leave no trace!

The tide comes in fast and high, please be aware of this! The lifeguards were patrolling the beach on quads when I was there to tell people to leave the parts of the beach that would be cut off with the tides.

Another way to enjoy Porthtowan from a different perspective would be to walk the coast path on the cliffs above the beach! The most incredible panoramic views for as far as the eye can see! As you know the #SouthWestCoastPath is a strong favourite of mine so will always recommend when given the chance!

There are limited amenities at Porthtowan:

Seasmiths Fish and Chips

The unicorn on the beach

Porthtowan beach café

Moomaid of Zennor ice cream parlour

Blue bar

Parking - we parked in the church car park, donations welcome. There was also parking along the street for free and another free car park I believe. Will get busy in peak season so best to arrive early if you can.

There is a seasonal dog ban from May through to October and lifeguarded seasonally.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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