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Wild swimming - North Teign River, Dartmoor - Kestor Rock, Scorhill & Gidleigh Circular walk

This wild swimming spot is part of a circular walk - Kestor Rock, Scorhill and Gidleigh Circular wild swimming walk.

The walk starts at Batworthy (near chagford). Try to get there reasonably early as the very limited number of car parking spaces will fill up fast! (FREE)

1. From the car park, you can see Kestor Rock on the hill to the south; take the path directly to it.

2. From Kestor, you can see the Long Stone to the south west. Take the path that leads directly from Kestor to the Long Stone.

3. At the Long Stone, take the path to the right, to the north; you feel as though you're heading back towards the car park.

4. You reach two double stone rows - follow the path by the left hand stone row. Walk along the path with the wood and stone wall some distance to your right. 0.7 miles (I'll have to be honest in saying we got lost here! we ended up walking in the total opposite direction)

So we decided to back track and head straight to the swimming spot! - Will do the entire walk another time we just wanted to get our swim on!! Still managed to get our steps in though as the detour we did was quite a big one hehe!!

The Teign-e-ver clapper bridge is what you need to find to find the swimming spots. cross over the bridge and walk down stream ensuring the river is on your right. After a few minutes you reach the first swim spot, by a second, clapper bridge. You are on a little peninsula; to reach the Tolmen Stone and next swim spot, walk on to the end of the peninsula and cross back over, walk a short way downstream and you will find the Tolmen Stone, and just downstream from that, the second swim spot.

This idyllic place will take your breath away and I don't just mean the cold water!

It's a lovely little swimming spot; its not huge so don't be expecting to be doing your lengths here but it is a stunning place to have fun and play around!

I recommend wearing a wetsuit if you aren't used to swimming in cold waters as fresh water is exactly what it says on the tin - FRESH!

For the full walk -

As always please remember to leave no trace and respect the moors!


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